Architectural Drawing Production

Our passion lies in the production of construction documents, whether it is a commercial development, highrise, industrial warehouse, multi or single family dwelling, we take great pride in creating accurate and well coordinated document sets.

Utilizing the latest Revit software we produce high quality, attractive drawing sets exceeding traditional CAD based drawing expectations.


...possibly the most abused and mis-understood technology in architecture...

How we use a BIM...

Through the use of BIM enabled technologies we build an accurate 3D digital representation of your project. This digital representation allows our team to view the project from all angles, something not easily accomplished with more traditional CAD based drafting practises. This allows us to flush out any potential design issues early on in the process and assists in coordination between disciplines.

The use of a Building Information Model (BIM) is a highly collaborative process, with each team member providing their design in 3D format; we are able to develop and analyze a virtual project prior to the start of construction, minimizing the risk for costly errors and redesign during construction

Traditional drawings are extracted directly from the model, providing accurate 2D representations of your project.